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Virus and Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slow, having difficulty opening applications? It could have picked up a virus or other type of malware while you were surfing the internet. Fortunately, an infected computer can be cured. Let us help, one of our technicians will take a look at your hard drive and see if we can help by removing any viruses and spyware.

Virus Removal
  • 100% success ratio
  • All new variants caught
  • We succeed where others failed
Spyware Removal
  • Remove pop-ups and spyware
  • Speed up your computer
  • Remove security risks

Hardware & Software Upgrades

Increase performance and speed without buying a new computer with our professional upgrade services. One of our friendly technicians can consult with you and evaluate your computer to determine the best upgrade for you needs. If you already know the type of upgrade you want, then we can help you find a compatible part or software for your computer.

  • Want to upgrade to Windows 7
  • Running out of hard drive space
  • Need a better video card to play that new video game
  • We also specialize in rebuilding damaged operating systems, replacing missing system files, restoring lost data, upgrading applications and solving other complex issues like a blue screen of death.

    Wireless Networking
    • Secure your wireless network
    • Protect your information
    Hardware Upgrade
    • System RAM Upgrades
    • Install SSD's
    • Accelerate Gaming and Graphics

    Home Networking: Wired and Wireless

    When you need help getting your Home Network in shape…We can help you:

  • Share your Internet connection
  • Go Wireless and Unplug your Laptop
  • Secure Your Network from Hackers
  • Share a printer
  • Add or Move a Computer to Your Network
  • Establish New Internet Service
  • Let one of our friendly Home Networking Specialists help you today!

    Online PC Computer Tech Support

    When you need computer help online and can’t figure out the technical problem on your own, give us a call and we will fix your Windows PC problem remotely. We do not send a computer technician to your house because it is usually not necessary. Most computer problems can be diagnosed over the phone then fixed with our remote computer repair. If we can’t repair your PC problem, we don’t charge you anything. Our computer repair service can help you with items ranging from:

  • Virus, Spyware, and Trojan Removal
  • Fake Anti-Virus Trojan Removal
  • Anti-Virus Program Installation
  • Finding most causes of crashes, lock ups
  • Sluggish Performance or Boot Up Times
  • Printer Installation and Troubleshooting
  • General Email Problems or Setup
  • Windows Errors or Computer Tune Up
  • General Remote Computer Support
  • Setting up and Securing your Wireless Network
  • Backing up your Computer for Disaster Recovery
  • $37.50 One Time Charge

    This is our basic service rate. This is for any 30 minute call where we fix your PC problem, like get rid of a Windows error message, help you with email problems or any other basic instruction for your computer. As long as the call is under 30 minutes, you pay a flat rate of $29.95. We will always tell you how much we will charge you before starting any work so there are no surprises.

    $75.00 One Time Charge

    This is our charge for any call between 30 and 60 minutes. A majority of our calls fall into this category. Typically this is what we charge for a computer tune-up to improve slow computer performance, fix printer problems and driver issues. Again, we will always tell you at the beginning of our call how long it will take to fix the problem and how much it costs before starting.

    $149.95 One Time Charge

    This is our charge for any call that exceeds 60 minutes! Typically this is what we charge for customers that need virus or spyware removal or any other service that requires extensive manual repair and deep scanning for worms, trojans and malware. We will stay on the phone with you until we fix your computer problem.

    Connect to a live technician right away and get 30 minutes of service for only

    $ 37.50 Get Connected Right Now!

    Computer Networking
    And Consulting

    Is your business suffering because you and your staff are constantly distracted by recurring technology issues?When it comes to the technology you need to run your business, it's hard to make sense of all the options.We can help you solve these business challenges.

    Network Support

    Whether you’re a homeowner with multiple PCs or a small business owner with several computers, a fully functional, high-speed network is essential for you to enjoy maximum productivity. If you’ve decided to setup a network in your home or office on your own, you may find yourself in over your head right from the start. Wiring a network is no easy task, and that’s why it’s better left to the professionals. Our impeccable home and small business IT support services, including computer network repair and installation. You won’t find another network installation company with the dedication to customer satisfaction that we have, so call to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate for our services today!

    Server Installation, Configuration, and Support

    We are committed to increasing your organization's productivity through technology. We possess the expertise and experience to design and implement the networking environment your organization requires to be competitive and be successful in today's business world. We provide cost effective, reliable IT solutions specifically geared to small and medium sized businesses in greater Phoenix area.

    Some of our Network Design and Installation services include:

  • Installation of Structured Cabling
  • LAN Design
  • Upgrade Simple Peer-peer Networks to Server Based Networks
  • Supply and Install New Email, Web and File Servers
  • Wireless LAN Installation
  • Client Workstation Configuration
  • Router, Switch and Patch Panel Installations
  • Detailed and Accurate Network Documentation
  • We can lead you every step of the way as we assist your business in building a fast, reliable and secure network from the ground up. From installing structured cabling and switches, to building and configuring network servers.

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